Please find event listings below. For more information please contact the named contact or the Khanqah.

Above: (1997) Hazrat Khwajah Pir Sufi Mohammed Aslam Sahib attending the Urs of
Zareen-Zarbakht Hazrat Khwajah Sufi Nawaab-uddin Sahib at Darbar Mohry Sharif, Punjab, Pakistan.


Annual Urs in Pakistan

The Annual Urs Mubarak and Milad un-Nabi Celebrations take place circa 12th April every year at Darbaar-Aalia Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidiyya Aslamiyya Shadpur Shareef.

42nd Annual Mawlid un-Nabi SAW and Urs Mubarak, Luton 2016

Insha'Allah we are pleased to announce the 42nd Annual Gathering celebrating Eid Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ and the Urs Mubarak of our Beloved Shaykh, Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Sufi Muhammad Aslam Naqshbandi (Q) taking place in Luton under the supervision of Hazrat Khwaja Shaykh Sufi Riaz Ahmed Aslami (MZ) on Sunday the 22nd May 2016.

Notable guest speakers, Hujjat-ul-Islam, Munaaz-e-Islam, Hazrat Peer Syed Muhammad Irfan Shah Mashadi, Astana Alia Bhikkhi Shareef and Hazrat Allama Mawlana Mufti Muhammad Aslam Bandyalvi, Bradford. Special English speaker, Hazrat Allama Qari Muhammad Shareef Ali, Imam Luton Central Masjid.

The Parade leaves from Luton Central Masjid Ghousia, 2-12 Westbourne Road, Luton, LU4 8JD @1.20pm returning back at the masjid for the main event @2pm straight after Zuhr salah.

Contact admin or local dost for more details.

Events in the United Kingdom 2015 / 2016

Sunday 15th Nov 2015 Walsall Sufi Javed Akhtar Sb
Sunday 29th Nov 2015 Birmingham - Imama Rabbani (Q) Conference Sufi Abdul Aziz Sb
Sunday 13th Dec 2015 Markazi Annual Milad un Nabi (SAW) & Urs of Sultan ul-Awliya (Q) Blackburn
Sunday 20th Dec 2015 Dewsbury Sufi Nasir Majeed Sb
Sunday 27th Dec 2015 Bolton Sufi Mushtaq Hussain Sb Aslami
Sunday 3rd Jan 2016 Jamia Masjid Khazra, Butterbiggins Road,
Glasgow, G42 7AF
Sufi Abdul Razzaq Sb Aslami
Sunday 31st Jan 2016 Keighley Sufi Abdur Rasheed Sb Aslami
Sunday 7th Feb 2016 Naqshbandia Nawabbia Centre, Brodesley Green Road, Birmingham Khwajah Pir Sufi Zafar Iqbal Alvi
Sunday 28th Feb 2016 Bradford (BD3) Sufi Muhammad Akram Sb Aslami
Sunday 15th May 2016 Jamia Masjid Naqshbandia Aslamia, 63 Tile Street, Bradford, BD8 8NX Sahibzada Sufi Amjad Aslam Sb
Sunday 22nd May 2016 Jamia Masjid Ghousia,
2-12 Westbourne Rad, Luton LU4 8JD
Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyyah Luton: 07957468391
Sunday 29th May 2016 Peterborough Sufi Muhammad Yusuf Sb Aslami
Sunday 24th July 2016 Leeds Sufi Arshad Mahmood Sb Aslami

Weekly Events in UK

Details of weekly gatherings of zikr can be found below. If you would like to add your circle to this list please contact us


Mehfil-e-Zikr at Markazi Darbaar Shareef, Naqshbandiyya Aslamiyya Spiritual Centre every Sunday after Zuhr (see flyer below). Contact


Mehfil-e-Zikr at the Luton Khanqah every Saturday evening at 5pm. On occasion the timing of the Mehfil is subject to change. Contact

Mehfil-e-Zikr at the Sufi Dr. Ruhul Amin's house every Thursday evening at 7.15pm. Contact